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                                                     Puppy Class

Why Puppy Class?  

Our goal is for puppies and families to have fun and learn together. We want to take the opportunity during this early critical phase to learn how to speak dog language and help the puppies become well adjusted members of the family. We also want the hospital to be viewed as a safe and nurturing environment that makes you and your puppy want to come back again and again. 

What is Puppy Class?

Puppy Class is a service the Orinda Veterinary Clinic provides to all clients and their puppies to help owners start on the important road to proper socialization and behavior training. Classes are available every Tuesday (except holidays)  to clients of the Orinda Veterinary Clinic. The classes are designed to be interactive and assist you with the many questions puppy ownership brings.

Who attends Puppy Class?

Puppies and their families attend class until they have completed their immunizations or have attained the proper level of socialization which is usually around 17 weeks of age.

What is the Golden rule of Puppy Class? 

Attendees need to be quarantined to their house and fenced backyard that fox and coyote cannot enter. They must be vaccinated with a quality vaccine administered by qualified personnel and must have no evidence of lack of appetite, vomiting, or diarrhea. These precautions are taken to prevent exposure to Canine Parvovirus which is the number one infectious disease known to kill young puppies. 

Where is Puppy Class?

Puppy Class is held at the Orinda Veterinary Clinic. Follow the sign to the designated area or ask our friendly staff in the main lobby. 

When is Puppy Class?

Class is held Tuesday night from 6:30 - 7:15 pm.